Posted By Kevin on October 27, 2010

Talking with Kim Holm about what Kasey and I talked about recently, politicians, Monty Python, and extreme soul-selling.

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4 Responses to “Prostitution!!”

  1. Kim was very hard to understand, like he was talking with a pillow over his mouth. Even so, he will burn in Hell.

  2. Kim Holm says:

    I didn’t have my usual microphone. Sorry.

  3. What was the Python documentary? I wouldn’t mind taking a look at that. (Their ending-the-sketch-before-the-punchline innovation was lifted from Spike Milligan’s Q series, incidentally – which the Pythons freely admit to. I know far too much about this stuff, I’m afraid.)

  4. Kim Holm says:

    The documentary series is Monty Python: Almost the Truth(The Lawyers Cut).

    They were talking a bit about stealing from Spike Milligans Q series. But not the bit about the lack of punchlines. They attributed that to a general lack of punchline ideas.

    I´ve been starting to listen to the old The Goons radio shows. The only problem is that due to a combination of bad audio and weird dialects I don´t understand half of it. Funny sounds, though.

    And no… You can´t know too much about either Monty Python or the history of comedy. `tis an important subject.

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