Posted By Jerzy on July 15, 2010

Talking with Shawn and Carrie Robare about topics broached on A&S 141; namely, branding and the extreme differences between it and message and mission.

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2 Responses to “Branding!!”

  1. jahhdog says:

       /ˈvɛdʒən; especially Brit. ˈvigən/ Show Spelled[vej-uhn; especially Brit. vee-guhn] Show IPA
    a vegetarian who omits all animal products from the diet.

    I never thought of Vegan’s as a brand or a mission statement. I thought of a Vegan as what the above definition says…

    As for branding, I agree that it will depend on how the viewer of the brand feels/perceives what the brand represents…

    Isn’t “Art and Story” already a brand?

    I support Jersey and Art and Story for what they are and what they have offered me. I can’t speak to the future but if the “value” is there for me then I will continue to support their “brand”…

  2. Jerzy says:

    Yeah, the vegan talk did stir up some controversy even amongst ourselves. I’ll accept that to some, the lifestyle choice itself is a bit of a statement. But for most of us it’s just a simple lifestyle choice.

    I think of Art & Story as a brand, certainly. I think a lot about what expectations we set and how to deliver on those expectations. I think the moment I concretely began thinking of it that way was when we changed the intro music with the tag line “The show that digs deep into the craft of cartooning”.

    I think of myself as having a certain kind of branding, or at least an identity that clearly defines what others can expect from me. There have been shows that I’ve recorded and immediately thrown out because it didn’t speak to the mission statement, identity, or brand that I try to adhere to.

    So for what it’s worth, I think of “branding” as a means by which you can evaluate the content you put out. And for others, it’s a way to set expectations.

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