A Tribute to Mercyful Fate

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5.5×7″ 144-page B&W 2-color cover on bristol. SHIPPING NOW! Featuring an impressive lineup of cartoonists, writers and musicians:

Tom Neely (Henry & Glenn Forever/The Wolf/Popeye/The Blot)
J. Bennett (Decibel/Terrorizer/Revolver Magazine/Ides of Gemini)
Bruno Guerreiro (Decibel Magzine)
Kim Holm (Pickman’s Model/ Hole in the Sky 2010 Memories)
Chuck BB (Black Metal Part 1 & 2, Decibel Magazine’s Stone Cold Lazy)
Tim Sievert (That Salty Air/Clandestinauts)
J.T. Dockery (In Tongues Illustrated)
Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf/ Henry & Glenn Forever and Ever)
Kevin Cross (Barbarian Riot Squad/ Pitch Black/ Nerve Agents)
Johnny Ryan (Prison Pit)
Stephanie Buscema (The Little Tales of otto & Olive/ Web of Spider-Man)
Sara Turner (Ghosts of Pineville)
Nick Green (Decibel Magzine)
Roger Langridge (Popeye/ The Muppet Show/ Fred the Clown/ Snarked!)
Tim Shagrat (Acid Witch)
Ben Marra (Lincoln Washington: Free Man!/Henry & Glenn Forever and Ever)
Vasilis Lolos (The Pirates of Coney Island/Spider-Man Family)
Mark Rudolph (Dagon/ Metal Hammer/ Decibel/ Tombs of the Blind Date, Henry & Glenn Forever and Ever)

Also: Danny Martin, Sam Wolf, Dave Acosta, Ali Horn, Kelly Larson, Mark Thompson and Mike Erdody.

With forewords by Scott Carlson (Repulsion/ Death Breath/ Cathedral), Fenriz (Darkthrone) and Trevor Strnad from Black Dahlia Murder, with a afterword by Phil Anselmo! A Mercyful Fate family tree and interviews with Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Erik Danielsson (Watain), David Vincent (Morbid Angel), Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, Disfear) and many more.
See a preview here:

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