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Posted By Mark on November 30, 2011

tumblr_lv1efkbpgh1r1k8cm_1321928672_coverIt’s been a few months since the ending my previous show Art & Story, but I’m back with my buddy Kevin Cross to get back into the art podcast arena. The Illustration Underground is a much different show than my previous outings, focusing more on being a professional illustrator than a deconstruction of comics. Comics will be discussed from time-to-time, but the main thrust of this show is “How to become/sustain yourself as a freelance illustrator”. In an effort to be more streamlined, we’ve kept each episode under an hour and have taken a more “produced” approach to them instead of some of the more rambling art shows out there. Right now we don’t have a normal updating schedule, but at least three a month, but we’re aiming at once a week.

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About The Author

Mark Rudolph was born twenty years too late. His true love is the spirit of comics made in the 1960s and early 70s, where no idea was off the table, and adventure was the only item on the docket. He is the creator of comics such as Closing Doors, Say it in Slugs, and Mulligan’s Run, all of which can be found at his Control Voice Comics website.


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